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IDOLpro IPS-888 500W Cherry Wood Design Vocal Professional Karaoke Speakers
IDOLpro IPS-450 500 Watts Professional High Fidelity Vocal Speakers (8ohm)
IDOLpro IPS-620 600 Watt 10" Woofer 3 Way Professional Speakers
IdolPro IPS-630 1000W 10" Woofer Superior Sound Professional Karaoke Speakers
IDOLpro IPS-690 800 Watts Quad-Tweeter Karaoke Speakers (Available in Matte Black and Cherry Wood Red)
IDOLpro IPS-2000 1500W High-Output Sharp & Powerful Sound Professional Karaoke Speakers<sup><font color=" red"><b>BACK ORDER</b></font></sup>
IDOLpro IPS-13 1000W Full Range 12" Woofer  3 Way Professional Speaker
IDOLpro IPS-1000 800W Professional Studio Quality Karaoke Speakers<sup><font color=" red"><b>SOLD OUT </b></font></sup>
RSQ TS800  800W Max Power  3 Way 10" Woofer  Professional Vocal Speaker
RSQ BT-200 Active Multi Media Bluetooth With Super Bass Surround Woofer Speakers
Audio2000's ASP5213 600W Full Range 12" 3-Way Loudspeakers
Audio2000's  ASP5210A 300W Full Range 2 way 10" Loud Speakers
Audio2000's ASP5207 Professional Full Range 12" 2-Way Loudspeaker
Audio2000's ASP5208 Professional Full Range 15" 2-Way Loudspeaker
VocoPro PV-400 Professional Powered Karaoke/Vocal Speaker Set
Vocopro SV-502 500W 10" 2-Way Vocal Series Karaoke Speakers ( A Pair)
Vocopro SV-500 250W 10" 3-Way Karaoke Speakers
Vocopro SV-600 300w 12" 3 Way Vocal Speakers ( A Pair)
Vocopro VX-30 II Stereo 15" Vocal Speaker System
IDOLpro Thunder 300W Dual 10" Speakers Roadcase /w Wheels
American Audio Sense12  12" Woofer  75mm Voicecoil  2 Way Passive Speaker
American Audio SENSE15 15" Woofer 2 Way Passive Speaker
IPS-888 500W Professional Vocal Karaoke Speaker <font color=" red"> Opened Box - SOLD OUT</font>