Opened Box Items

IDOLpro UHF-329 UHF Band Dual Professional Wireless Microphone /w Signal Indicator<font color=" red"> Opened Box</font>
 IDOLmain IP-2900 Professional Digital Key Control/Echo w/ Recording / Bluetooth / HDMI/ Vocal Enhancer Karaoke Mixer <font color=" red"><b>Opened Box</b></font>
IDOLpro IP-560 1400W Professional Digital Echo Karaoke Power Amplifier <font color=" red"><b>Opened Box </b></font>
IDOLpro IP-400 2000W Professional Class AB Power Amplifier /w XLR and Speak-on Connectors<font color=" red"><b>Opened Box </b></font>
IDOLmain IP-7000 8000W Max Output Professional Digital Console Mixing Amplifier With 7" LCD Screen Monitor Built-In & Head Phone, Recording, Guitar Level Control<font color=" red"><b>Opened Box</b></font>
Panasonic DVD-C220 5-Disc Carousel Changer DVD Player  <font color=" red"> Discontinued Model - Unused</font>
IDOLpro IPS-620 600 Watts Professional High Fidelity Vocal Speakers <font color=" red"> Opened Box </font>
IDOLpro IPS-690 800 Watts Quad-Tweeter Karaoke Speakers (Available in Matte Black and Cherry Wood Red) <font color=" red">Opened Box </font>
IDOLpro SUB-5 500W 12" Powered Subwoofer <font color=" red"><b>Opened Box </b></font>
IPS-T1 800W Professional Floor Standing Karaoke Speakers <font color=" red"> Opened Box - Pick up Only</font>
IDOLpro IPS-2000 1500W High-Output Sharp & Powerful Sound Professional Karaoke Speakers <font color=" red"><b>Opened Box  </b></font>
IDOLpro IPS-P14 1500W Professional High Fidelity Karaoke Loudspeaker<font color=" red"> Opened Box</font>
Audio2000's Audio 2000's ASP5203 - Flexi-PowerTM III 500W Full Range 2-Way 15" PA Speaker (Each) <font color=" red"> Opened Box</font>
IDOLpro IPS-13G 1000W 12" 3 Way Black High Gloss Piano Finished Professional Karaoke Speakers <font color=" red">Opened Box </font>
IDOLpro 1500W  IP-6000 Bluetooth/HDMI/Recording/LCD Screen/10 Band Equalizer Professional Console Mixing Amplifier  <font color=" red">Opened Box- SOLD OUT </font>
IDOLpro IP-3988 Professional 400W BBE Karaoke Mixing Amplifier /w Echo Control & Key Control <font color=" red"><b>Opened Box-SOLD OUT</b></font>
IDOLpro 8000W IP-6000 II Bluetooth/HDMI/Recording/LCD Screen/10 Band Equalizer Professional Console Mixing Amplifier<font color=" red"><b>Opened Box - SOLD OUT</b></font>
IDOLpro IP-5800 600W BBE Karaoke Mixing Amplifier /w Echo Control, Key Control USB & SD Card Reader<font color=" red">Opened Box - SOLD OUT</font>
IDOLpro IP-888 II 1200W Professional Mixing Amplifier /w BBE & Key Controller <font color=" red"><b>Opened Box -SOLD OUT</b></font>