IDOLpro Professional Karaoke Equipment

IDOLpro has made it's name in the karaoke market by consistently providing high quality karaoke amplifiers, wireless microphones and products to all types of consumers.

IDOLpro IP-3800 1300W Professional Digital Echo Mixing Amplifier With Separate Repeat & Delay Control <font color=" red"><b>NEW 2018</b></font>
IDOLPRO K-163 Saxophone, Flute, Violin Microphone With 5M Cable
IDOLPRO K-168 Guitar, Ukulele Microphone With  5M Cable & XLR Socket
IDOLPRO K-8 Flute, Erhu, Hulusi Microphone With 5M Cable
IDOLPRO K-9 Saxophone, Trumpt Microphone With 5M Cable & XLR Socket
IDOLpro UHF-330 Dual Rechargeable Professional Wireless Microphones
IDOLpro V2 10W Luxurious Gold/ Silver Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone Speaker For Smart Phones With Recorder
IDOLpro IPS-580 800W Professional High Fidelity Vocal Karaoke Speakers
IDOlpro IPS-DJ01 Wireless Compact Portable PA Karaoke System With Dual 10" Subwoofer, Bluetooth, Wireless Microphone, Rechargeable Battery, USB & SD Readers, FM Radio, AUX Input & Multi Flashing LED Light
IDOLpro IPS-DJ02 Portable Wireless PA High-Power Karaoke Entertainment System W/ Bluetooth, Rechargeable Battery, Dual Loud Active-Powered Speakers & 12" Sub-woofers, Wireless Microphone, Multi Front LED Lights
IDOLpro IPS-13G 1000W 12" 3 Way Black High Gloss Piano Finished Professional Karaoke Speakers
IDOLpro IPS-630 1000W 10" Woofer Superior Sound Professional Karaoke Speakers
IDOLpro SUB-5 500W 12" Powered Subwoofer
IDOLpro IPS-DELUXE I 1500W Professional Premium Quality Black High Gloss Fininhed Floor Standing Loud Speakers
IDOLpro UHF-618 Advanced Technology Automatic Mute And Shut Down Dual Wireless Microphone
IDOLpro UHF-300 SILVER Limited Edition Professional Performance Dual Wireless Microphone System
IDOLpro IP-388 II 1400W Recording/Bluetooth/HDMI/10 Band LED Equalizer Professional Console Mixing Amplifier
IDOLpro IPS-13 1000W Full Range 12" Woofer  3 Way Professional Speaker
IDOLMAIN IPS-P10 1600W 12" High Output Full Range Karaoke Loudspeaker With Stands
IDOLpro IPS-13G 1000W 12" 3 Way Black High Gloss Piano Finished Professional Karaoke Speakers With Heavy Duty Stands Combo
IDOLpro IP-560 1400W Professional Digital Echo Karaoke Power Amplifier
IDOLpro IP-500 2500W Professional Power Amplifier