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We offer a wide array of amplifiers to fit your needs here @ KTSkaraoke.

Mixing amplifiers combine both a mixer and a amplifier into one unit reducing the amount of space required. Mixing amplifiers are able to accept phono jack cables allowing you to control your microphones or instruments. Most mixing amplifiers will have functions such as a key controller, echo control and sound enhancing processors such as BBE.

Power Amplifiers are just that, power amplifiers. They provide power with no additional features. Simply plug your audio source input into the audio line of the amplifier and your speakers to the  power amplifier.

IDOLpro IP-3988 Professional 400W BBE Karaoke Mixing Amplifier /w Echo Control & Key Control <font color=" red"><b>Back Order </b></font>
IDOLpro IP-888 II 1200W Professional Mixing Amplifier /w BBE & Key Controller
IDOLpro IP-5800 600W BBE Karaoke Mixing Amplifier /w Echo Control, Key Control USB & SD Card Reader <font color=" red"><b>Back Order </b></font>
IDOLpro IP-388 II 1400W Recording/Bluetooth/HDMI/10 Band LED Equalizer Professional Console Mixing Amplifier
IDOLpro 8000W IP-6000 II Bluetooth/HDMI/Recording/LCD Screen/10 Band Equalizer Professional Console Mixing Amplifier<font color=" red"><b>NEW </b></font>
IDOLmain IP-7000 8000W Max Output Professional Digital Console Mixing Amplifier With 7" LCD Screen Monitor Built-In & Head Phone, Recording, Guitar Level Control<font color=" red"><b>NEW </b></font>
RSQ KA-3000 300Watts Digital Professional 2 Channel  Hi-Fi Power Mixing Amplifier
RSQ Audio FA-300 250W  Professional Karaoke Amplifier with Bluetooth/USB/SD, Bass/Treble Tone Control
RSQ KA-8000 1100W  Professional Mixing Amplifier USB/SD Compatible, Bluetooth Connectivity Available and  11 Steps Key Control<font color=" red"><b>OUT OF STOCK </b></font>
Audio2000's AKM7016 100W Key & Digital Echo Karaoke Mixing Amplifier
Audio2000's AKJ7003 Professional Karaoke Mixing Amplifier with Digital Echo & Key Controls
Audio 2000's AKJ7403 1200Watt Professional Karaoke Mixing Amplifier with Digital Echo, Key and Feedback Controls
Vocopro DA-8909RV Digital Karaoke Mixing Amplifier With Vocal Enhancer and DSP Reverb
Vocopro DA-3700 PRO 200W Digital Key Control Karaoke Mixing Amplifier
Vocopro KR-3808 PRO 300W Digital Key Control Karaoke Mixing Amplifier
Vocopro CDG-7000RV All-In-One Karaoke Pitch Control CDG Player/Mixing Amplifier with DSP Effect and Digital Key Control
Vocopro PA-PRO 900 900W 6 Channel Professional PA Mixer                    </>
Vocopro PA-PRO 900-2 900W Professional PA Mixer with SDR-3 and One UHF Module and 4 Microphones
VocoPro HV-1200 High Power PA Vocal Mixing Amplifier
Vocopro VP-300 PRO 300W Single Space Rack Mountable Precision Power Amplifier
Vocopro VP-600 PRO 2 Space 600W Professional Power Amplifier
Audio2000s APA9260 - Professional 3200W Power Amplifier
Vocopro VP-2100 PRO 2000W Professional Digital Switching Power Amplifier
IDOLpro IP-560 1400W Professional Digital Echo Karaoke Power Amplifier<font color=" red"><b>Get Extra 15% OFF At Check Out </b></font>
IDOLpro IP-500 2500W Professional Power Amplifier <font color=" red"><b>Get Extra 15% OFF At Check Out </b></font>