New Products

IDOLpro UHF-310 Professional Intelligent Dual Wireless Auto Noise Cancellation Microphone System <font color=" red"><b>NEW 2019</b></font>
IDOLmain IPS-DELUXE II  Professional Premium Full-Range Floor Standing 12" Speakers With Piano Finished <font color=" red"><b>NEW 2019</b></font>
IDOLpro IP-3600 Professional Digital Echo Mixing Amplifier With Bluetooth & Recording<font color=" red"><b>NEW 2019</b></font>
IDOLPRO UHF-620 Dual Channel Wireless Microphones With New Digital Technology <font color=" red"><b>NEW </b></font>
IDOLmain IPS-DJ03 Portable Wireless PA High-Power Karaoke Entertainment System & DJ Sound Selection W/ Double Bluetooth Receivers, Rechargeable Battery, Dual Loud Speakers & 12" Subwoofers, 2 Wireless Microphones, Multi Front LED Lights <font color=" red"><b>NEW 2019</b></font>
IDOLpro IP-3800 1300W Professional Digital Echo Mixing Amplifier With Separate Repeat & Delay Control <font color=" red"><b>NEW</b></font>
IDOLmain IP-5000 6000W Professional Digital Karaoke Mixing Amplifier LED Graphic Spectrum Equalizer & Audio Processor With Feedback Reduction <font color=" red"><b>NEW 2018 </b></font>
IDOLpro UHF-330 Dual Rechargeable Professional Wireless Microphones
IDOLpro V2 10W Luxurious Gold/ Silver Wireless Bluetooth Karaoke Microphone Speaker For Smart Phones With Recorder
IDOLMain IP-2900 Professional Digital Key Control/Echo w/ Recording Function/ Bluetooth/ HDMI/Vocal Enhancer Karaoke Mixer
IDOLpro IPS-13G 1000W 12" 3 Way Black High Gloss Piano Finished Professional Karaoke Speakers
IDOLmain UHF-628 Auto Sound Cut Off When Dropping Dual Wireless Microphone System
IDOLmain IP-7000 8000W Max Output Professional Digital Console Mixing Amplifier With 7" LCD Screen Monitor Built-In & Head Phone Out, Recording, Guitar Level Control
IDOLpro IPS-630 1000W 10" Woofer Superior Sound Professional Karaoke Speakers
IDOLpro SUB-5 500W 12" Powered Subwoofer
IDOLpro IPS-DELUXE I 1500W Professional Premium Quality Black High Gloss Fininhed Floor Standing Loud Speakers
IDOLpro UHF-618 Advanced Technology Automatic Mute And Shut Down Dual Wireless Microphone
IDOLpro IP-388 II 1400W Recording/Bluetooth/HDMI/10 Band LED Equalizer Professional Console Mixing Amplifier
CHAUVET FXpar 3 Compact PAR Effect With RGB+UV and Strobe
CHAUVET FXarray Q5 RGB+UV LED Wash Light
ChauvetDJ 4BAR Flex T USB Versatile & Convenient Pack-n-Go Lighting System
ChauvetDJ Rotosphere Q3 Mirror Ball Simulator With High-power, Quad-color LEDs Rotating Effect Light
ADJ Fog Fury Jett Pro High Output Multi-positional Vertical Fog Machine With Built-in LED Lights &  Wireless DMX Control