Karaoke Mixer Frequentley Asked Questions


Q: What is the purpose of a Karaoke Mixer?
A: Mainly karaoke mixers allow you to combine your microphone signal & DVD/VCD/CD+G karaoke disc to enhance your voices when singing karaoke. Karaoke mixers require an external amplifier source to be used with speakers. Mixers allow you to level match the volume of the audio to the volume of the microphone to get that perfect sound. It allows to you add effect such as Echo & Tone Control for both the music & microphones giving you the optimum sound.

Q: What is the difference between DJ mixer vs a Karaoke Mixer?
A: Although both the machines share the majority of it's traits, the karaoke mixer will typically have a key control & voice cancel function.

Q: What is a Key Control?
A: The key control function allow you to either raise up or down the key of the original recorded music to best suit your voice.

Q: What is Echo Control?
A: Echo control is a function which replicates large hall effects in a small room. By turning or reducing the echo function, you can find the optimum setting for your size room.

Q: What is Voice Cancel?
A: Voice cancel is a function made for use by DVD/VCD disc which has the music recorded on either the left or right channel. By using this function, it dims down the original recorded voice on that particular channel while maintaining the same volume for the music.

Q: How many microphones can I plug into a mixer?
A: Typically most mixers will come with at least 2 channels.

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