IDOLmain UHF-X3 Golden Phoenix Engraved Premium Dual Wireless Microphones Karaoke

IDOLmain UHF-X3 Golden Phoenix Engraved Premium Dual Wireless Microphones Karaoke

Item# UHFX3
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Product Description

UHF-X3 delivers clear, crisp audio with no distortion and interference. With a reliable signal connection, UHF-X3 will lock in a best frequency range, minimize all the interference, and provide excellent voice captured in any size home. Handheld microphones were constructed with high-end material that feel amazing in your hands and last many more years to come.


  • Handheld is engraved with phoenix graphic on premium iron shell with durable scratch-resistant
  • Compatibles with most of sound systems and versatile for home use, karaoke room, school, church and etc.
  • Vocal support technology will help you sing like a pro
  • Intelligent frequency scanning to find and set the best available channel
  • Adjustable gain to change the microphone sensitivity and eliminate feedback
  • Clear LCD displays to show battery levels, signal levels, frequency numbers and channels.
  • Built-in cardioid polar pattern that minimizes background noise and feedback
  • Built-in advanced functions such as auto sound cut off if dropping on the floor, energy saving with ECO-MODE - Automatic transferring to energy saving mode after 5 minute unused and automatic shutting down after 30 minutes unused to avoid over heat and save energy.
  • Approximate working distance is 300 ft.


  • Frequency Range: 900MHz
  • Frequency Interval : 250KHz
  • Frequency Width : 50MHz
  • Frequency Oscillation Mode: PLL Phase Locked
  • Frequency Stability: ą5KHz
  • Reception Method: CPU Pilot Identification Reception
  • Silent Mode: Mute & Lock Loop Circuit
  • Signal to noise ratio: ≥50dB
  • Degree of distortion: <0.1%
  • Function display mode: LCD

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