IDOLpro IP-560 1400W Professional Digital Echo Karaoke Power Amplifier <font color=" red"><b>Opened Box </b></font>

IDOLpro IP-560 1400W Professional Digital Echo Karaoke Power Amplifier Opened Box

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Designed for the in-home karaoke user. The IP-560 features a new front panel design made specifically to blend into your home decor without sacrificing the features of professional DJ/KJ mixing amplifiers.

The IDOLpro IP-560 provides 1400W of clean power and equipped with a BBE hi-fi sound processing with a click of a button, music & vocals are instantly transformed to prove rich details heard in concerts.

The IP-560 also features a digital key controller, allowing you to match the key of the song to your voice. The tone control & built-in echo effects gives your speakers the sound heard in concerts! 3 individual volumes control allows you blend group/band vocals so one does not overpower the other. Low/Mid/High controls make it easy to fine tune your music/voices with a simple turn of a knob.

With 4 audio/video inputs, you can attach up to 4 different units to this machine. Enhance your listening experience by hooking up the typical electronics found in your home such as your karaoke player, dvd player, MP3 player and even your tape cassette player. A dedicated subwoofer output line was also built in.

Recommended for DJ/KJ, karaoke bar, churches & home applications.

Front panel functional specification:


  1. Eff mode: The effect mode selects key: Regulate range: 1~KTV4s in KTV and Eff 1` Eff 4 total 8 kindses circularly cut over.
  2. Mic Mode: Music mode selects key; Regulate range: Mic 1~Mic6s circulate cutover.
  3. Music mode: Music mode selects key; Regulate range: Music 1 ~ Music 6s circulate cutover.
  4. FBX: Cut over microphone exterior to defend a roar call processor building- out select| the menu for regulating function parameter down turn over page.
  5. Exciter: Cut over the energize building-out of music semaphore select|the menu for regulating function parameter down turn over page.
  6. Mic Volume: Mic 1, Mic 2, Mic 3 inputs and machine back MIC AN and Mic the B input to should of the microphone volume dimension conditioning knob.
  7. Mic Input: The microphone inputs socket; There is Mic 1, Mic 2, Mic is 3 three sets of inputs microphone sockets.
  8. Music Vol: Music volume conditioning knob revolves knob increment or lets up a musical volume.
  9. Mic Vol: The microphone volume conditioning knob revolves knob increment or lets up the volume of microphone.
  10. Effect Vol: Is under the peacetime status an effect volume to regulate, regulate for the function while being to get into function parameter a select of add and subtract a control.
  11. It is red and external to accept a head.
  12. LCD liquid crystal display: Display various information and various mode conditioning to should of parameter.
  13. Key Control: Music rises, declines to adjust control and homing.

    The behind board function functional specification:

  14. Two tone, video input interface (BGM,AUX). The 2 audio input constraints.
  15. Audio output and heavy bass audio output interface.
  16. Video output interface.
  17. radiating Vent: The air outlet must have good air circulation, the safe use of the power amplifier is very important. Don't use the machine in. The use of sealed environment, should not block the vents.
  18. Speaker output interface connected to the speakers (Note: 2 channel only left and right channel two output)
  19. Current overload protection device: The key to flow off the recovery.
  20. Ac Input 220v/50HZ The AC power input, use the power line plug into the power socket with AC220v Requirements.
  21. USB control is connected with the computer USB interface: Division I with the supplied software convenient to control the machine from the computer or download the parameters set from the computer to improve security
  22. External Interface For Remote Control:
  23. Mic A, Mic B microphone input interface: The input function with panel MIC 1, MIC 2, The machine after the microphone The input can be convenient for installation.

    Specification and function:
    The input power: 8 ohm
    2 channel: 250W+250W
    2 channel: 300W+300W
    2 channel: 350W +350W
    3 channel: 250W +250W+150W
    3 channel: 300W +300W +150W
    Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz
    Signal to noise ratio: >=100dB
    The microphone input: 9mV
    Music input: 220mV
    Channel separating degree: >=80dB
    Microphone input impedance: 600 ohm

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