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A complete karaoke system include a mixing amplifier, 1-2 microphones, a karaoke player, speakers, speaker stands and DJ LED Lights.

For home applications, we recommend karaoke system with 200W-600W of power. For karaoke bars/rooms, we recommend 400W-600W. Larger venues we recommend using a minimum of 600W.

KTSkaraoke carries a wide selection of complete karaoke machines and realize you may be overwhelmed with the choices. Give us a call, we will help pick the system best matched for your purposes. We can be reach at 1-800-588-1868.
Audio2000's 400 Watts Complete Karaoke System With Two Rechargeable Microphones
Audio2000's 1200W Karaoke System With Dual Wireless Microphones, Mixing Amplifier, Vocal Speaker & Multi Format Karaoke Player
IDOlpro JB400 400W Best Sounding  All In One Karaoke Portable With Wheels  System With Recording, Ripping, USB, SD Functions<font color=" red"><b>Get Extra 10% OFF At Check Out </b></font>
IDOLpro 500W Multi-Format Ripping/Recording Player With 2 Wireless Microphones Set Home Karaoke System
IDOLpro 600W Professional Karaoke System with Recording, Dual Wireless Microphone and Speaker and 12" Subwoofer
IDOlpro 800W Professional Karaoke System Cherry Wood Finish With Dual Channel Wireless Microphones<font color=" red"><b>Free LED DJ Light</b></font>
IDOLpro 1000W Karaoke System With Dual Wireless Microphone, Multi-Format Karaoke Player W/ Bluetooth, Recording, Ripping & USB/SD Input System
IDOLpro 500W Professional Karaoke System With Ripping & Recording Player
RSQ 800 Watts Complete Karaoke System With USB/SD, Bluetooth , Ripping & Recording<sup><font color=" red"><b>OUT OF STOCK</b></font></sup>
IDOLpro 1200W Karaoke System With Dual Wireless Microphone, Bluetooth, USB/SD, Ripping & Recording<sup><font color=" red"><b>Free LED DJ Light </b></font></sup>
IDOLPRO 1400W Professional Karaoke System Mixing Amplifier with Multi-Format Karaoke Player with Recording & Ripping<sup><font color=" red"><b>Free 30 Karaoke CDGs </b></font></sup>
IDOLpro 1200Watts Superior Crystal Sound Professional Karaoke System With Ripping, Recording <sup><font color=" red"><b>Free 30 Karaoke CDGs </b></font></sup>
IDOLpro Full Line Home  Entertainment 1500Watts Professional Karaoke System With Bluetooth, Ripping , Recording, USB/SD Input, Equalizer & 12" Subwoofer <sup><font color=" red"><b>Free 30 Karaoke CDGs </b></font></sup>
IDOLpro 1500 Watts High End Professional Complete Karaoke System with Quad Wireless Microphones, Bluetooth, Recording, HDMI, USB input, MP3G Player<sup><font color=" red"><b>Free 30 Karaoke CDGs plus LED Light </b></font></sup>
Vocopro CLUB-MAN Professional KJ System / w 2 Dual CDG Players
Vocopro PASSAGE-3000 Professional Recording Studio System
Vocopro CLUB-8800 2000W Professional Vocal KJ/DJ and VJ Club System
Vocopro CLUB-9009G 2000W Professional Club System
Vocopro ASP-3758 KTV Digital Karaoke Mixing Amplifier with Speaker Package
Vocopro RECORDING ARTIST-300 Karaoke Recording System
Vocopro TabletOke-Stage 200W Bluetooth Tablet Karaoke Package with Dual Wireless Mic and iPad-2 Stand