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A complete karaoke system include a mixing amplifier, 1-2 microphones, a karaoke player, speakers, speaker stands and DJ LED Lights.

For home applications, we recommend karaoke system with 200W-600W of power. For karaoke bars/rooms, we recommend 400W-600W. Larger venues we recommend using a minimum of 600W.

KTSkaraoke carries a wide selection of complete karaoke machines and realize you may be overwhelmed with the choices. Give us a call, we will help pick the system best matched for your purposes. We can be reach at 1-800-588-1868.
Audio2000's 400 Watts Complete Karaoke System With Two Rechargeable Microphones
Audio2000's 1200W Karaoke System With Dual Wireless Microphones, Mixing Amplifier, Vocal Speaker & Multi Format Karaoke Player
IDOLPRO JB400 400W All In One Karaoke Portable With Wheels  System With Recording, Ripping, USB, SD Functions
IDOLPRO 400W Professional Karaoke System With Ripping & Recording Player <font color=" red">BEST SELLER </font>
RSQ 800 Watts Complete Karaoke System With USB/SD, Bluetooth , Ripping & Recording
IdolPRO 1200W Karaoke System With Dual Wireless Microphone, Bluetooth, USB/SD, Ripping & Recording
IDOLPRO 1400W Professional Karaoke System Mixing Amplifier with Multi-Format Karaoke Player with Recording & Ripping
IDOLpro 600Watts Superior Crystal Sound Professional Karaoke System With Ripping, Recording & Bluetooth
IdolPRO 1000W Karaoke System With Dual Wireless Microphone, Power Amplifer, Mixer With Bluetooth, Recording, Ripping & USB/SD Input
Full Line Home  Entertainment 1400Watts Professional Karaoke System With LED DJ Lights, Bluetooth, Ripping , Recording, USB/SD Input & Equalizer
IDOLPRO 1400W Professional Karaoke System Plus Dual Channel Wireless Microphones With 10 Dish Magazine Player ,USB, SD Card Input , Ripping , Recording & Bluetooth
IDOLPRO 1500 Watts High End Professional Complete Karaoke System with Quad Wireless Microphones, Bluetooth, Recording, HDMI, USB input, MP3G Player
Vocopro CLUB-MAN Professional KJ System / w 2 Dual CDG Players
Vocopro CLUB-MAN PRO 400W Portable Comlplete KJ System
Vocopro PASSAGE-3000 Professional Recording Studio System
Vocopro Recording Artist-300 400W Powered Recording Studio
Vocopro CLUB-8800 2000W Professional Vocal KJ/DJ and VJ Club System
Vocopro CLUB-9009G 2000W Professional Club System
Vocopro CASAMAN VOICE Professional Digital Karaoke Mixing Amplifier with CA-358 Vocal Speakers