Audio2000's ASP5202+APA9202 - Flexi-PowerTM II 350W Full Range 2-Way 12" Active Speaker

Audio2000's  ASP5202+APA9202 - Flexi-PowerTM II 350W Full Range 2-Way 12" Active Speaker
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You love the conveniences of an all-in-one portable karaoke system. You cherish your existing systems.?If you need to boost your sound power, the Audio2000'S?#60;/SUP> patent-pending Flexi-PowerTM II active speakers have the solution for you! You can bundle the Singer's PowerTM AKJ7801 or AKJ7802 all-in-one portable karaoke system with the Flexi-PowerTM II active speakers. You can also bundle your existing systems with the Flexi-PowerTM II active speakers! After all, total entertainment with great flexibility is such an enjoyment!

The Audio2000'S?#60;/SUP> patent-pending Flexi-PowerTM II ASP5202+APA9202 active speaker is an extremely reliable full-range two-way pro-audio active speaker with a great value. This ASP5202+APA9202 active speaker, made of 5/8" high grade particle board, is configured with a 12" woofer and a 4" X 10" dispersion horn tweeter with a replaceable compression diaphragm.?The 12" woofer and the 4" X 10" dispersion horn, incorporating with a high pass crossover network in a 5/8" particleboard cabinet, are fine tuned for superior sound reproduction in a variety of?professional applications.

ASP5202+APA9202 Active Speaker Features:

* 350Watts, 2-Way System
* 12" Low Frequency Woofer
* 4" X 10" Dispersion Horn Tweeter with Replaceable Diaphragm
* Acoustic-Tune Ports for Superior Sound Venting
* 12dB / Octave High Pass Crossover Network
* Handles for Easy Carrying
* Charcoal Gray Finish and Steel Corners for Heavy-Duty Use

ASP5202+APA9202 Active Speaker Specifications


8 Ohms


16.1"W X 14.2"D X 24.4"H (410mm X 360mm X 620mm)

Frequency Response

45 - 16KHz


96dB @ 1M, 1W

Weight 23 Kg (50.6 lb)

Power Rating

350W Max; 200W RMS